Smoothie Pops

About 8 years ago I watched Food. Inc and began a journey to change our diet habits feeding our family healthier, more nutritious food. We’ve tried different types of diets and at times I’ve been stricter… while other times, too lenient. Overall though, we’ve adapted a general lifestyle where we try to eat real food.

Real food vs. Healthy…

“Healthy” I’ve found over the years, has almost become a buzz word and fads keep coming and going with claims of what’s good for you and what’s not. Last year I started taking some nutrition classes and was contemplating going down a path of nutritional coaching. Though these plans took a bit of a left turn, my passion has remained to want to feed my family and I well.

Over time, I’ve found myself consistently coming back to the word “real food”. You know, food that comes from the ground. When were looking for snacks or when I’m prepping meals and lunches, I try to consistently ask, “Have you eaten any real food?” While we are by no means a example of super health nuts, we do consistently aim to fuel our bodies with what it needs. (*Disclaimer* we also still eat junk ;)…)


My FAVORITE thing I have made that helps keep us on track with real food is a smoothie! Some people do smoothie bags in the freezer; some smoothie jars, and some just throw it together as they go. I don’t have time to make smoothies everyday so last year I discovered smoothie pops. These are one of my favorite ways to get nutrients into my kids and are an amazing healthy item to have on hand! My husband and I will also grab one on the go. Here’s the two different kinds I’ve made.


Throw away

(these are a brand called Zipcicle that I found on Amazon)


(These are a brand called LUXEHOME BPA Free Silicone Ice Pop Molds on Amazon)


Pros and cons of each Smoothie Pop method:

Throw away Reusable
Can take them on the go easier Less waste
Tricky to fill Easy to fill
Can make a huge batch at once Easy to eat out of
Limited to make a certain amount
Easy to clean


Here are some of my tips tips:

My kids love them frozen but they didn’t hold up the best in lunch boxes and were pretty liquidy so we use them for breakfast or snacks at home. When they come out of the freezer; they are rock solid. They can be defrosted slightly for 15 seconds in the microwave or a minute in a glass of boiling water. I started by making 6 different flavors I found but my kids are picky… I’m sure none of your kids are :).  Don’t give up! Smoothies are easy to tweak by adding some more fruit or honey.


When filling the bags…

Reusable pops

These are pretty straightforward. One container of my vitamix filled 24 pops. They are easy to fill just leave a bit of room at the top to place the lid on.

Throw away bags

  • Open each bag and expand before filling (a butter knife or handle of a wooden spoon works great)
  • Use a funnel to pour into bags and pour slowly
  • Have a plate or bowl handy to place funnel on in-between pours
  • Have a paper towel or cloth handy to wipe when needed


Here’s my kids winning Smoothie Pop recipe:


Dish Dash Green Smoothie Pops:

Yields 12 Smoothie Pops


2 cups Spinach or 1 C Spinach and 1 C Kale

2 cups Almond milk

3 cups mix of frozen organic mango, peaches, strawberries, pineapple

2 TChia seeds

Honey or Agave to taste (I use 1 -2 T)







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