Mastitis is the worst, right? My daughter is almost 17 months and we’re still breastfeeding. I enjoy it, she enjoys it, but we are finally in the process of weaning due to some upcoming travel and my tendency to get breast infections. We had a bear of a time breastfeeding at the beginning, so it’s a miracle and a blessing we’ve been able to last this long.

I wholeheartedly believe in modern medicine, but I’m also a big believer in natural remedies as a first line of defense. Since I get breast infections at the drop of a hat, I thought I’d share my (almost) fail-safe tips to stave off mastitis. I’ve had breast infections upwards of a dozen times, but I’ve only had full-blown mastitis requiring antibiotics once, and I have these natural remedies to thank for staving off more serious infections.

4 Steps to Stave Off Mastitis:

1.) Stop eating sugar immediately and continue avoiding sugar until your symptoms subside. This includes avoiding alcohol.

2.) Place thin slices of potato on the affected area. The easiest way to do this is to place the thin disks of potato (Russet works best) on a folded paper towel, place them potato-side down inside your bra, and then have the paper towel between the potatoes and your bra. Change these every few hours as they dry out (and get gross).

3.) Rub lavender oil (in a carrier oil) on the affected area. Mix a few drops of lavender oil in a carrier oil such a coconut or olive oil, and rub it on the affected area. I use the Doterra lavender oil, and I’ve also used other brands, but I prefer the Doterra. Try to do this while you’re taking a quick break from the potatoes because I’ve found that the potato and the lavender oil don’t feel great together.

4.) Apply Heat! I use a heated rice bag. This one is available through Amazon Prime. Rice microwaved in a sock does the trick just as well.

Sometimes you’ll be able to beat it, other times you won’t, but if you start using these tricks as soon as you feel an infection coming on, you’ll have a good chance. If you have any other tips or tricks to help with breast infections, please share!




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